Why did Michelle Obama surrender her license?

Law school degrees, even from the third tier schools, are not cheap.  They represent years of effort and, at a minimum, tens of thousands of dollars in tuition, books, and other fees.

So isn’t it a touch curious that Michelle Obama, four years after being admitted to the bar, became “voluntarily inactive” according to the State of Illinois?

Many attorneys who are out of the field still keep up their licenses, just to have it handy.  After three years of law school, Michelle Obama dropped hers completely.

The New York Times will cover Cynthia McCain and make allegations of marital infidelity.  America’s paper of record is devoid of information on why a lawyer would surrender her license without a peep.

Google ratio: 1,010,000 to 53,800, on the search string ” ‘Michelle Obama’ law license”.  A happy healthy 19:1 ratio.


9 responses to “Why did Michelle Obama surrender her license?

  1. Is she going for the Presidency? In Australia we don’t worry about the family of the candidate. We consider that’s the candidate’s business. If some does dig up family stuff its generally considered to be underhanded dirt digging.

  2. That’s good for Australia. Unfortunately in the US that ship sailed a long time ago… viz., the hit piece the NY Times ran on Cynthia McCain.

  3. I thought she was working for the Univ. of Chicago as some kind of high-level community liason\community relations person. If so, maybe that’s why she didn’t need her law degree. In any event, she’s a right-on person and would make a great first lady!

  4. Yeah, the job is a very interesting situation. Shortly after Barack was elected to the Senate, the University of Chicago Hospital promoted her and almost doubled her salary to $316k/year.

    Huh. That’s a mysterious coincidence right there.

    Now I’m not blaming her for taking the money. I sure as hell would. But I’m not buying the argument that she surrendered her law license in 1993 so that she could get hired on by the UofC hospital in 1995.

  5. Well, I think that with a salary of $300K/year, we can assume that the yearly cost of the license isn’t a factor. Her hubby is no longer a licensed attorney either, as it turns out–both are inactive under a local Illinois rule that allows attorneys to declare themselves as no longer practicing. “Surrendering your license,” at least in Illinois, means that you agree to be disbarred. Big difference.

    Honestly, I think without some other fact in the timeline, the only thing I could conclude is that her reason for going inactive is relatively innocuous.

  6. I get the point you’re making Greg, and I’m willing to entertain the notion that it’s just confirmation bias on my part. That said, I have relatives who haven’t practiced in 20 years who keep that license renewed every year. It’s hard for me to fathom that someone would put herself through the incredible grind of Harvard Law — not to mention the legendary amount of student debt associated with that — and then leave that on the table four years later. I think it’s safe to say that is a “remarkable” decision in every sense of the word.

    And maybe there’s absolutely nothing interesting there. My point is and continues to be: when Joe Wurzelbacher gets his social security number put on line, and thirty reporters get flown up to Alaska to find anything about Sarah Palin, and when the New York Times runs hit pieces on Mrs. McCain, isn’t at least a touch troubling that no US publication has even asked about this?

  7. I can not find out what Court Ordered Inactive Status means. My law license has been inactive for 10 years. I pay my dues every year because I want the option of returning to a practice in the future. But it certainly was not COURT ORDERED.
    To me, that means it is a disciplinary situation. Instead of having the loss or suspension of her license on record, she agreed to become Inactive until a court allows her to practice.
    That is a serious issue since courts bend over backwards to allow us lawyers to keep our licenses.
    So, what happened in 1993 in Illinois that she wants to hide? Why has this not been reported in the media?
    Oh, I forgot. No bad press in Obamaville.

  8. I am a professional, not a lawyer. It makes absolutely no sense for me to let my license go inactive for any reason. To keep the license up to date is nothing. In other words, there is no reason not too.
    I would love to know why and I do think it is extremely relevent. Sorry. Like so many other things, this will come out. The Obamas, at some point, have got to be tried of hiding so much stuff. But I guess the Clintons never got tired, silly me.

  9. Marine Warrior

    There is nothing about the Obama’s that isn’t suspicious/questionable/mysterious.

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