Why has the Obama campaign disabled anti-fraud software?

As mentioned previously, the Obama campaign is telling America a puzzling story when they say they don’t know the identities of people giving money via credit card.  After all, the software I’ve used will tell you the names as soon as you issue a rebate.

Well now it gets more puzzling and a little more disturbing.  The Obama campaign’s website will let you donate under a false name.

Internet credit card transaction obviously have a high potential for fraud.  So in every case I’ve seen, if you submit a mailing address that doesn’t match the billing address of the card in question, the transaction will kick out and fail to complete.

Why isn’t this true of the Obama campaign?  This would require someone to go in and change the script to allow pseudonyms and false addresses.

That $600 million is looking spookier all the time.

More here and here.


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