Harrassing news media more annoying than working, still more fulfilling

KMBZ in the Kansas City area makes a big deal out of being “conservative talk.”  That said, try getting them to notice the Obama Address Verification scandal.  I just got off the phone with the call screener who said, “I can’t put you on the air to talk about this becuase I can’t find a reputable news account that verifies what you’re saying.”

How about Michelle Malkin?  Nope.  Not reputable.

National Review?  Nope.  Also not reputable.

New York Post?  No, sirree bob.

Numerous first hand eye-witness accounts of actually seeing fake names go through? Don’t be silly.

So, let’s review.  If the New York Times and Washington Post don’t say it’s a problem, then it’s not a problem, no matter how many people raise their hands to say it is. Trying to explain to a call screener that the reason this is an important story is precisely because the national media isn’t carrying it is like trying to explain to a dog what a color tv looks like.

By the way, the Obama campaign is actively fundraising in France.  Guess that couldn’t have anything to do with address verification being disabled.


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