Holy F**** S***

So the Denver Post writes a story that misses the point on address verification by a good mile or six.  The story focuses on the somewhat tangential issue of “untraceable credit cards” and the larger issue — that the Obama, Murtha, and Udall campaigns have turned off address verification software that would prevent fake names and addresses.

Okay, so the media misses the mark.  Big deal, right?  But being my happy and well-mannered self, I had to point out the reporter in question that he’d missed the real story.

The response has to be read to be believed:

I believe your facts are a little off, but it’d make a better story if you were correct. I don’t do journalism that way, or with the invective you prefer, so I’m afraid I’m obtuse, if that’s your definition..

I don’t know who “Good Will” is, or care.

Let’s go over that in slow motion.  The political reporter from the Denver Post has just told you that he does not care that the probable next President has mysterious anonymous donors. He does not care that the Obama campaign has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in a suspect fashion and he does not care who is really behind his campaign.

Now can I question his patriotism?


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