We never did find out about Mr. Good Will….

Senator Obama has raised over 600 million dollars during the course of his Presidential campaign.  That’s an impressive achievement.  In less than two years on the national scene, the junior Senator from Illinois has hit fundraising heights the Clintons, with their vastly greater network and lead time, never came close to hitting.

My question: do we know where this money actually came from?  Is there a good audit trail?  What is your confidence level that all of this money has been raised legally and from United States citizens?

Mine is fairly low.  We never did learn much about Mr. Good Will of Austin, Texas. If you don’t remember this story, the Obama campaign had an oopsie when the Feds discovered a Mr. “Good Will” with an occupation off “Loving You” had donated over $11,000 to the Obama campaign. Similarly “Doodad Pro” donated a shade over $17,000.  That’s just a bit over the legal limit of $2,300.

No problem, says the Obama campaign.  They just gave the money back:

Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said the campaign has no idea who the individuals are and has returned all the donations, using the credit-card numbers they gave to the campaign.

Huh.  I don’t know about you, but in any credit card machine I’ve ever used as a merchant, when you credit an account, you get a receipt back for your paper trail.  And once you put in a card number, when you get the receipt, it comes back with the name of the cardholder.

So let’s review.  Either the Obama campaign is incompetent and using bad software, and walked away leaving $28,000 on the table — or they know exactly who Messrs. Pro and Will are, and probably gave them instructions on how to donate legally.  I will leave it to you as to which one seems more likely.

Unaddressed by Mr. LaBolt: why would someone give money to the Obama campaign and try to hide its source?  Doesn’t that seem to be a bit odd?

If you haven’t heard about this story, it’s not surprising: The Google Ratio on this story (using the string “Obama ‘Good Will’ ‘Loving You’ ” is 1,010,000 to 2,350, for a fairly astonishing 429: 1 ratio.


Introducing our metric: The Google News Ratio

The support for the allegation that John McCain has had an affair with a lobbyist is vanishingly small.  Yet there are 1,201 entries on Google News for the strong ” ‘John McCain’ affair lobbyist.”  On Google itself, that same string returns 1,010,000 hits.

That’s quite a lot.

So that seems an acceptable benchmark for a comparison as to whether a story’s been under reported.  If you have another metric, feel free to shout it out in the comments.

Welcome to “Who is Good Will?”

While national media outlets are sending teams to dig through Sarah Palin’s garbage or root through the exact licensing status of a man who asks a pointed question of Senator Brack Obama, there are some very large and mysteriously unexplored questions about America’s next President.

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