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What happened at the Ayers house in 1995?

On the surface it’s an absolutely unremarkable story: a retiring state politician has a coffee at the house of a supporter to introduce and endorse her successor.  Something like this happens every election cycle somewhere in the United States.

The only things that really stands out about this story: one is that it was held at the house of former terrorist William Ayers, and two: ain’t no one saying nothin’ about it.

Now, that last part is the really interesting part.  If it was just a garden variety local politics fundraiser, the hosts might say “yeah, we raised a few hundred bucks”.  But when you read the Politico story, what’s impressive is the party discipline being shown: the wall of silence is down.

At the official campaign website, the Obama campaign decries “guilt by association”.  However, that’s not the point.  The point is that there was an objective verifiable association, and that no one involved is talking about the association.

Google ratio: 1,010,000 to 324, 000, using the string “Obama ayers 1995.”  A relatively tame 3.11 to 1.